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Current Research and Unpublished Works


A dedicated group of researchers has prepared the first bibliography of secondary sources in Farsi on biomedical law and ethics. This endeavor was carried out over the course of three months as a group project by the participants of the Global Health and International Law course of the University at Albany- SUNY. It involved the tireless efforts of the following individuals:

Rebwar Nazari (director), Mohsen Rouzbehan (editor), Mohammad Ali Norouzzadeh, Naime Abbasian, Mehdi Mirdehghan, Fatemeh Azizmohammadi, Mostafa Kazerooni, Nasser Sargeran, Touska Gholami Khaljiri, Hiwa Hajimolla, Shahrzad Samanizadegan, Alireza Mohammadnejad Daryani, Zhilla Fathi, Ensie Zarenejad. 

The bibliography will be updated regularly, but the current copy may be downloaded here. 

Reports & Studies

International Law and Domestic Law Project – Country Report: Islamic Republic of Iran:

I wrote this report for a study on international law in domestic systems at the University of Virginia School of Law. It provides a detailed overview of the approach of Iran's legal system to two of the sources of international law- treaties and custom.

Constitutional provisions on the role of national Legislatures in treaty ratification

This is an overview of an analysis on the provisions in the Constitutions of every State pertaining to treaty ratification.  I conducted this review to obtain data for a paper. Please note that Beth Simmons has also done a similar comprehensive study. The data is correct as of 20 May 2016. 

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